TPE will accelerate replace other plastic materials
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TPE will accelerate replace other plastic materials

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German-based research group Ceresana company said thermoplastic elastomer is increasingly replaced by other plastic materials. TPE is mainly used in the automotive industry, but new applications continue to emerge. The company said, TPE 2014 sales of $ 16.7 billion. Forecast to 2022, this figure will grow by 4.7%. China, the United States, Japan and Germany are the four TPE consumer, accounting for 63% of the total in 2014, total global demand in TPE. According to the forecast, TPE will be the fastest-growing demand in South America and the Asia-Pacific region, especially China, India and Brazil. TPE consumption in North America and Western Europe will also maintain an annual growth of 2%. The company said growth was particularly evident in Asia, there are a number of new manufacturers to enter the market over the past eight years, China's TPE production increased by 60,000 tons.

The study group highlighted in the report, the global auto industry accounts for more than 40% of the total consumption of the product in the TPE. Therefore, the development of the automotive industry to bring positive growth for the TPE. TPE demand for other industries will also increase, such as machine construction and medical technology.

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