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CHINAPLAS 2022 Chinaplas
11 October 2021

CHINAPLAS Chinaplas, to create the industry's expectations of large-scale annual event, the depth of excavation and respond to market demand, brought together the world's cutting-edge technology, drive industry innovation and growth. The exhibition will be April 2022 25 - strong return to Shanghai Hongqiao · National Convention Center on the 28th.

TPE will accelerate replace other plastic materials
21 September 2021

German-based research group Ceresana company said thermoplastic elastomer is increasingly replaced by other plastic materials. TPE is mainly used in the automotive industry, but new applications continue to emerge. The company said, TPE 2014 sales of $ 16.7 billion.

TPV help reduce the weight of car
18 August 2021

With the advance of environmental protection policies, new energy vehicles become the mainstream of the future development of the car, and lightweight vehicles as an important solution ideas to solve the problem of new energy vehicles, life has always been the focus of research in the automotive industry.

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