TPV help reduce the weight of car
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TPV help reduce the weight of car

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With the advance of environmental protection policies, new energy vehicles become the mainstream of the future development of the car, and lightweight vehicles as an important solution ideas to solve the problem of new energy vehicles, life has always been the focus of research in the automotive industry.

A sealing member as an important part of the car, is the general trend to achieve weight reduction; and as compared to conventional TPV EPDM material, having unique in achieving weight reduction in automobiles has a higher strength at the same time having a lower density Advantage. Example condenser new energy vehicles, TPV thinner walls by design, lower material density cause weight loss can be whole cooling line than 2 kg.

TPV production process is simple and efficient, recyclable

New energy vehicles compared to the traditional fuel vehicles, its internal pipeline design is more complex, since the conventional EPDM materials into the production process needs to be vulcanized, it can only use a segmented design, high energy consumption, low efficiency; TPV and the thermoplastic with its own unique characteristics, using the same plastic injection molding process, integrally molded complex piping, greatly improve production efficiency, the production time by more than half.

TPV is expected to achieve waste can be recycled, reducing environmental pressures

As a key to sustainable development, how to reduce the production of waste, recycling of waste can be achieved has been the pain points faced by each manufacturer, TPV thermoplastic properties given the characteristics of the components in the production process online recycling, to achieve the purpose of lean production.

In addition, when the vehicle reaches the service life, the TPV system can be effectively recycled to further achieve sustainable development.

TPV seals more lasting, driving experience better

In addition to the lightweight and sustainable development of the car, TPV is not weak in the performance of sealing properties, aging resistance, and rebound performance, etc..

Therefore, TPV is used as a new type of thermoplastic sealing material, and the future will gradually replace the traditional EPDM material, which is used in more fields.

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